Chess I The Queen’s Gambit


I have been collecting creamers since I was in my late teens… yes I know a strange passion for a teenager but just goes to show how early the interiors bug bit. I had been sketching them with a vague notion of using the illustrations for a design. I even had in mind a black and white grid background. And then I binge watched the fantastic The Queen’s Gambit and fell for Beth Harmon as she forged her way in the male dominated world of chess. What could be better than to use the creamers as chess pieces… the pitcher makes the perfect pawn… and to create the openings mentioned in the show?

First, of course, you need to set up the board. And then open… with the Queen’s Gambit, the starting position for which is reached after 1.d4 d5 2.c4. Black accepts the gambit by capturing the c4-pawn with 2… dxc4, and declines it by playing 2… e6. (Chess notations from – any errors are mine!)

Chess is the second in a series of designs exploring Line & Grid.


Material: 100% Irish Linen

Size: 60 x 30 cm

Finish: plain, with hidden zip

Care: dry clean only – click here for more information on caring for your linen

To be kind to our long suffering planet, we print in small batches to keep wastage to a minimum. So if your perfect Chess cushion is not in stock, fret not. You can pre-order it now. Just fill in the Enquire form below. We will keep you updated on progress and will let you know once the cushion is in stock.

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Product code: CHS/2020/03/C

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Chess I The Queen’s Gambit is printed on 100% Irish Linen, a lovely fabric with natural and manufacturing characteristics such as slubs and knots, which are not considered imperfections or faults. Rather, we think of them as an integral part of the fabric’s imperfect beauty.


Our fabrics are printed in Northern Ireland and our feather and wool inserts are made in England.

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