Dear peoples, only this week I have received into my inbox no less than three different articles on wisdom. Do you think the Universe is trying to tell me something? Unfortunately since reading them, I am none the wiser. In any case I am not sure that wisdom is something you can actually actively achieve. Be less ignorant, definitely. Learn from experience, absolutely… though remembering to do that can be tricky. Have good judgement… well this element of wisdom is the trickiest. How do you know whether your judgement is good, except with hindsight? And who isn’t above a bit of revisionist thinking? In my view, others confer wisdom on someone. The wisest people I know don’t think of themselves as wise, nor did they actively set out to be wise. They are completely surprised to be thought of as wise, which is what makes them so very wise indeed.


Someone very wise, unfortunately I can’t remember who, pointed out recently that climate action is not really about saving the planet. It’s about saving ourselves. After all, the planet will still be here after we’ve successfully made ourselves, and sadly many other species, extinct. Assuming of course that we don’t actually blow her to smithereens. No doubt she will recover very quickly once our noxious influence is removed. She’ll probably throw a party, and invite the cockroaches. So it’s in our own best interests to be very nice to her…


This is STRIPE… just because, you know, who doesn’t love a stripe?

And to the bees. Thankfully some clever people have found a supplement that could save honeybees from a nasty virus that deforms their wings, paralyses them, and leads to colony collapse. Yay! And, I know you’ve probably heard, but I think it worth repeating, we now have a vaccine for malaria. Double Yay! I learned of this wonderful feat despite having given up reading the news. Triple Yay!


Some other things cheering me up this month include that it’s possible to soothe pain using virtual reality; Ireland announced a basic income for artists and France ditched more single use plastic; it’s best if you keep your inner circle small; and why being curious is good for you.


So how could you resist checking out this my favourite restoration of the moment… a beautiful house in Croatia by Rees Roberts + Partners or indeed anything by Rees Roberts + Partners. And how about these fantastical fabric sculptures by Tamara Kostianovsky and these gloriously fragile embroidered works by Meredith Woolnough. Go on, your brain will thank you.


I leave you with this… it’s just magic. He’s got all the moves.


A bientôt


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