Hello/Bonjour, it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down with my sketchbook to draw. Or at my computer to create a pattern. I can’t definitively tell you why. Why I am avoiding doing those very things that absorb me. That make me happy. Oh, the drawing of course is an exercise in frustration, for it does not come easily to me. Nor indeed does the writing. But when I persevere, when I create a pattern or complete a Musing… oh, the exhilaration. Which reminds me of this piece I wrote in response to a challenge set by David Hieatt of Hiut Denim.


Better at leaps of faith… in myself

‘Jump,’ said he.

‘Eek, it’s a long way down. I can’t see the ground. Is it even there?’

‘Dear,’ said he softly, ‘you have a parachute.’ And gave me a gentle push.

‘But, but… everyone’s told me that my parachute’s no good.’

‘One or two people is not everyone. Besides, what do they know? Have they ever jumped?’

‘No, no. But what if it fails? There’re sure to be rocks. Sharp, pointy, unforgiving ones. And possibly, definitely, crocodiles. I’ll end ignominiously as a crocodile’s lunch!

‘Dear, it comes with an inbuilt safety. You just pull the cord.’

‘But, but …what if I forget what to do?’

‘Dear, you’ve trained for this. You’ve practised and practised. You know how to land safely. It’s time to DO.’

‘Yes, but…’

‘Dear, to jump is not to fall. It’s to fly.’




I jumped
I flew
I want to jump again



A bientôt


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I’ll be taking a break in August and will be back here in September. Have a great summer.